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Web sites are today certainly the most important manner of presenting companies globally. Continuous availability and the ability to interact with the customers seems to be far best marketing investment you can make. When constructing your web sites we keep the highest standards, while special attention is dedicated to user experience. Each new site construction is a unique work and each and every of our customers is sure to get his original and unique web design. In constructing the web site we pay maximum possible attention to optimising the work, so as to ensure the best possible results of your web site on various browsers.

Prior to constructing your web site we try to be sure to know your wishes and get acquainted with your visual identity, provided there is one. If you do not have a selected visual identity, our designers will conceptualise a visual identity adequate to your type of business. On the basis of this, the design of your web site will be constructed. We conceptualise the appearance of your new web sites by presenting our draft solution, we match the contents of the existing site with your business, and we programme functionalities and maintain sites, from simple and static sites to complex portals. We also design the concept of appearance of your web site and its parts, we advise on various associated topics, add functions to your web sites etc.

Dynamic web sites enable you change the text, contents, pictures and other elements of your web sites yourself. It is not necessary to know a lot of computers and computing and it is not necessary to use any additional software to use and administer such sites. The user employs a CMS (Content management system) which offers the possibility of managing the site contents. We usually construct dynamic web sites in the Joomla CMS (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL) and adapt them completely to the wishes and need of our customers. See the portfolio of our web sites and contact us with confidence.

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