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Web applications are programme solutions very much similar to standard windows, Linux or Mac programmes, but are approached through an Internet browser (Firefox, chrome, IE. etc.) and are situated on a web server. This is why web applications have become increasingly popular, as they are available from any computer worldwide, anywhere in the world. The examples are systems for ordering and paying goods and service, booking various services, document exchange, bookkeeping systems and the like.

In the ruthlessly competitive world of today, every tool that can save time, meaning money, is useful and asked for. The purpose of web applications is exactly this – to save your money and time by automating particular business activities and tasks. Some of the advantages of web applications, as compared to conventional windows applications, are:

  • availability of the application anywhere in the world (connection to the internet is the only requirement),
  • applications are ideal if you operate at more physically separated locations,
  • easy maintenance and upgrading (any change in the application can be immediately seen by all the users), and
  • safe and uninterrupted backup (safe backup copy with all the data at any moment).

InSoft has a broad experience in constructing web applications, primarily in the tourist sector where we have developed numerous solutions for various needs of our customers. Most recent Booky - booking management software, which offers tourist agencies, as well as small and medium accommodation renters, to present their accommodation offers at the web in a quick and simple way and to enable their guests to make a quick and simple booking.

When constructing web applications for you we keep the highest standards possible and employ the most advanced technologies available.

Using these advanced technologies we are also able to construct web/desktop multiplatform applications for you, compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac platform, which can simultaneously unction as web applications. The development of hybrid desktop applications:

  • Much cheaper then desktop applications,
  • Multiplatform support (windows, linux, mac),
  • You can use it as desktop application, and get all the advantages of web technologies.
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