Little about us

InSoft is a company specialising in web design and the development of web applications. We have completed, in a relatively short span of time, considerable number of jobs in our field, to the satisfaction of our customers and ourselves, of course. Our basic business motto is to satisfy the needs of our clients and meet their wishes to present their businesses at the internet market as positively as possible. We enable our customers to attract new customers of their own by their web sites and to improve their business opportunities and results.

The best advertisement for any trade, small or big company is a modern and visually attractive web site, such that could attract customers looking for that what they wish and „make“ them to call you among all the other competitive companies and do business with you. All the offers and demand are, and will be in the future, at one place – on the internet. The sooner we realise this and the sooner we create our visual identity and advertisement on the internet, the better are our chances of survival in the increasingly competitive environment. Our knowledge and skills can, we are sure, offer you a considerable help in this. Our cooperation will result in building your web site, web shop or visual identity, so as to enable you to present yourself on the internet as attractive as possible. Contact us at our address or by phone, we shall always have enough time for you and knowledge to find adequate solutions for your needs, as you are the reason we exist.

We approach our customers individually and wish to establish a long-term partnership, based on trust, mutual respect and high-quality service. Our team consists of skilled graphic and web designers, together with experienced and able programmers. We have at our disposal all the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to offer you a top-quality service and the best solution for your needs.

We consider each of our projects a new and worthy challenge, trying to be creative and innovative, meaning your web site (or some other product from our offer) will be unique, regardless of the competition in the field you are in. Recognise in us your real partner and together we shall make better future for your business.

InSoft departments




Our development process

Drawing Board

Regardless of the size of the project involved, the drawing board is the place where everything starts. This is the place of brain storming, first drafts are made here, problems solved and further steps defined. Anyhow, it is unavoidable part of our office and each and every project. When board is concerned, the only question is whether or not to buy a bigger one. :)

From a draft to the product

No matter which of our product is concerned, whether it is a web site, a web application, an internet shop or a mobile application, and they are all our products, the process of construction is quite similar.

After we get necessary graphic materials from you, e.g. logo, colours, some pictures, after you define your instructions and wishes, we start with the development of preliminary design. We first make drafts and have our internal discussions on the topes of UX (user experience).

When we select internally a particular preliminary design, our designer start building design for your web site, mobile or web application.

While designers conceive and draw design, with an explicit instruction that the result should be as authentic as possible, their colleagues backenddevelopers construct the basic elements of the future product.

When a particular part of the design has been ready for presentation, we arrange a meeting with our customer and present the design for the future product. We are quite sure of the quality of our work and have no doubt as to whether you would accept our suggestions. However, we are always open to further improvement and more detailed arrangement.

After accepting the design, our system engineers create a test environment (an internet address available to you), where our backenddevelopers continue to work on the bases of the future product, services and additions, while frontenddevelopers start programming the accepted design. Throughout the whole process of constructing your product, you have the access to the working version and can monitor product development, indicate the problems or mistakes you have noticed.

When the development of your product is over, we inspect all the product segments together with you. If any mistake is noticed, we correct it on the shortest possible notice. After corrections and additional inspection we release it.

Our aim is to make the whole process as transparent as possible, with as few unknown factors to you as possible. We sincerely hope we have raised your interest in our work and are free to call you to contact us though the engagement or contact forms.